Anthony Kallas
Chief Architect
Καλλάς Αντώνης

He studied Architecture in the Polytechnic School of A.U.TH. graduating in 1989. After completing his studies, he worked in architectural firms in the centre of Athens. He designed and supervised a variety of private projects. Later he created kallasarchitects team having the ability to perform a wide range of projects.

Antiope Sereti
Σερέτη Αντιόπη

She holds a degree in Architecture of A.U.TH. Functionality, minimality, human scale and blending in with the surrounding environment are the fundamentals governing her building designs.

Dimitris Vouklizas
Civil Engineer
Βούκλιζας Δημήτρης

Graduate of the Civil Engineering Department of N.T.U.A. He deals with case studies for organizations. He has been awarded in national architecture competitions.

Ioanna Lessi
Mechanical Engineer
Λέσση Ιωάννα

Mechanical Engineer at N.T.U.A. She deals with the electromechanical installations of the buildings.